1113 S 31st Street
2015 Guidelines

1. Hands to Harvest Community garden is an all natural garden. Use of synthetic chemical fertilizers, herbicides or pesticides is not permitted

2. All gardeners must agree to limit gardening activities to the posted hours of the garden- dawn until dusk

3. Gardeners must be diligent in water responsibility. Water and a hose will be available on site

4. Treat hoses carefully and return them when finished

5. Shut off water after use and report any leaks to coordinator

5. No structures other than plant supports are allowed within the garden plots and must be temporary in nature, easily removed, and be at a height and positioned so as not to shade neighboring plots

6. Weeding, watering, or harvesting of other members' plots is not permitted unless there is a specific arrangement between gardeners recorded with the coordinator

7. Gardening activity and plant growth must be restricted to each plot. All vegetation must be prevented from entering pathways or adjacent plots

8. Trash and litter must be cleaned from each plot and from the adjacent pathways and fence areas

9. If a plot becomes unkempt, I understand I will be given notice to clean it up (either by phone or e-mail). If the plot is not cleaned up within 14 days of notice, it may be reassigned and I will not be allowed to rent a plot the following season

, 10. No radios or loud music are allowed in the garden. Personal players with headphones are welcome

11. No alcohol or drug use is allowed on the garden property, including smoking

12. The Garden will maintain a zero-tolerance towards abuse or harassment of gardeners and visitors

13. Parking is not permitted in the driveway adjacent (south side) to the garden

14. Dogs are allowed in the community garden- please keep them on a leash and clean up after them

15. Planting of perennials is not recommended as many tend to reseed and grow outside the gardener's specific plot

16. Other activities not consistent with safe or appropriate standards for a community garden may result in forfeiture of the garden plot

17. Gardeners are responsible for cleaning the plot at the end of the season. Failure to complete this task may result in not being allowed to rent a plot the following season.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us via email at handstoharvest@gmail.com,
or via Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/HandstoHarvestCommunityGarden or on our website at http://www.handstoharvest.com.